Atorrege AD Medicated Acne Spots 10ml Serum Treatment Sensitive Skin - Music Box Gift Ideas
Atorrege AD Medicated Acne Spots 10ml Serum Treatment Sensitive Skin - Music Box Gift Ideas

Atorrege AD Medicated Acne Spots 10ml Serum Treatment Sensitive Skin

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Product Features:
- Imported from Japan
- Suitable for sensitive skin 
- Rave reviews for adult acne
- Pregnancy-Friendly
- No artificial colouring, no artificial fragrance, Paraben Free
- With tracking number
More about the brand:
In the 1980s, a group of dedicated nurses of a hospital in Kyoto, Japan, discovered many patients suffering from a dry skin disease. Many of them were elderly and suffered skin itch, finding it hard to sleep at night. Their skin became sensitive and even developed eczema. 

The nurses came across an aromatic plant called “mugwort” while reading and researching from ancient books. The plant contains antipruritic properties that help relieve itching. They proceeded to formulate a lotion and administered it to the patients. It became popular because of its efficacy and was even featured in The Asahi Shimbun which reported the incident and praised the dedicated nurses.

The nurses sourced for a reliable manufacturer for mass production of this product. Ands Corporation was appointed as the Mugwort lotion manufacturer after careful evaluation and the product was launched in 1995 for sale to the public – the product became the first-generation Atorrege.

In 2000, Ands found that the undesirable habits of people, living environment, fast-pace life, UV rays, electromagnetic waves from mobile devices, smoking, alcoholism, food additives, etc. have resulted in “urban skin diseases” being more common, for example, acne, pigmentation, eczema, wrinkles, sensitive skin. With its pharmaceutical experience and medical technology, Ands developed the second generation of products named Atorrege AD+ which was launched in 2007, targeted against “urban skin diseases” and to help improve skin conditions under the current environment.

Atorrege AD+ is a series of safe and high performance skin care products that not only corrects modern skin troubles caused by changes in the environment but also strengthens skin against environmental damage. It resolves skin problems and also improve the skin’s immune response that result in a healthy and radiant complexion. To deliver these benefits, Atorrege AD+ incorporates innovative nanotechnology that deeply penetrates the skin for maximum result. 

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